Thursday, 1 June 2017

Dear Deborah :-)

Here's my day. I have a cold, this is the third day I'm at home. Today is the first day not spent in bed or in front of a tv-serie. It is lovely outside, you know those few lovely days in late spring when everything smells wonderful, the heat is perfect (IF the sun is shining that is) and everything is fresh. That is when I have a cold and am wishing for a cloudy day so I want miss it, spring.
I had my coffee outside my building, it might be the first time actually, because I usually go to my studio and sit outside in my "garden". After that I tried a bathing suit just to make it feel less awkward (no picture :-) still awkward. When I was in my wardrobe mess I spotted the rug I started a while ago and finished it. It's made out of old t-shirts and crocheted with the fingers. Now I only need a summer house to put it in...

So, what is it with the blogging? I'm not sure, I think there is many reasons why it doesn't come as easy as it used to. I've blogged since 2002/2003! Almost every day except weekends, and sometimes weekends too. It has been easy and fun all the way. All the way until a few years ago. One of the reason could be that I fell in love and got divorced and I couldn't write about it considering it concerned more people than myself. It was a totally crazy time. Also people that didn't like me or my blog read it and that restrained me unfortunately. It was a strange feeling, like someone visited your home when you weren't there - judging everything they could find. Another reason is that during that period I also lost contact with internet sort of, hard to explain. The short way - I stopped reading blogs and surfing around as I used to, and haven't since. I have two more reasons that I can think of right now - I don't carry around my camera any longer and the pictures from my phone isn't good enough most of the time - and last but maybe most - Instagram!

I miss it though and I haven't given up yet!

Here's a hug for you that are still visiting and an extra for Deborah that are even still commenting :-)



Gitta said...

Maybe for you as a visual artist, you feel more "at home" at Instagram expressing your ideas and thoughts with images rather than words. It was nice to read your blog entry, though. Words have their own magic.

andrea tachezy said...

Camilla, I really miss your reading your blog. You were one of the very first blogs I started to follow and it was really a pleasure for me! Thank you for the time I could spend with you and your pictures ( and Morran of course )

sandra said...

Pusspuss kompis!

Deborah Newton said...

I like to keep up with your work, your creative ideas. And I have always loved your impressions on your vacations-- always brilliant. And the mundane, presented by you, sparkles.

I guess I think of you as a friend I never get to see, or talk to. A friend.


Camilla Engman said...

Thank you Deborah! That is wonderful!

Lori said...

i think i’ve been reading your blog since you started it. :) and i still check in to catch anything you share. it is funny to feel nostalgic for the way blogs were 10 or 15 years ago .. the way flickr communities used to be .. it seemed so new and then it was passé so quickly!

any time i find a new post by an old friend, it’s a good day. xo